Precision Knuckle Joint Cold Forging Presses

Knuckle Shaft

SK1 Series

SK1 Series Presses- a high performance cold forging press. In order to achieve such high precision, Sanes has increased the rigidity of the firame to prevent slide inclination. SKI series has versatility system such as auto coil feeding progressive system, slug feeding and transfer system can be incorporated into the system to suit the individual factory's demands.


One-Piece High Rigidity Frame ensures Products Precision

Load transmission section uses high rigidity frame can minimized frame deflection, not only in greatly increased high precised production, but also prolonged die service life.

Heavy Duty Knuckle Action Motion

SK1 Series completed with a heavy-duty knuckle motion, provide a slow touch speed in the work range ensure a smooth flexible flow resulting in stable, high precision presswork.

High Responsive Overload Protector (H.O.L.P.) Protects Any Unusual Overload Issue

When any unusual die overload happens, high responsive H.O.L.P system will instantaneously activate. Then the drive transmission is disconnected and the slide will stop immediately. Only simply returning the slide to top dead center position (TDC), resetting operation will be achieved automatically.

Based on high precision manufacturing technology and super quaiity main gear, overall clearance is 1/3 than conventional presses

High precision torque transmission parts and min. break-through can prolong die life and achieved better precision of completed parts.

Steady Wet Type Clutch and Brake System completed Safety Operation

Completed enclosed wet type clutch and brake units can be isolated not only prevent any dust but also can reduce noise from operation.

Special Design Long Slide Guides can Keep High Precision Manufacturing over Long Operation Period

Special design six-sided square long slide guides can completed high endurance during eccentric loading condition. This also can improve die precision and prolong die life.

Easy Installation Based on Floor Mount Design

Completed stored in lower part of the bolster bed knockout system can let press installed on factories floor directly, no need any pit.

[Optional] Three-Stations Bolster Knockouts System Make Continuous Operation To Be Possible

It will be easy for continuous operation if select 3-stages bed knockouts system.
Continuous operation can eliminate inter stage annealing and phosphatic operation, that means can help to save operation cost.


Model Unit SK1-400 SK1-630 SK1-1000
Capacity Ton 400 630 1000
Tonnage Rating Point (Above B.D.C) mm 7 7 10
Stroke Length mm 180 220 250
Stroke Per Minute S.P.M 30-50 25-45 25-40
Die Height mm 450 535 650
Slide Adjustment mm 50 50 50
Slide Area mm 700x500 800x600 1000x900
Bolster Area mm 700x700 800x800 1000x900
Main Motor HPxP 40HP(INV) 60HP(INV) 100HP(INV)
Air Pressure Required kg/cm2 5 5 5
Upper K/O / Type:Air pressure Ton 2.4 3 5
mm 50 50 50
Lower K/O / Type:Mechanical Ton 20 32 50
mm 75 85 110
-Due to continuous research and development, the machine design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
-Custom specifications are available upon request.

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