SLD Double Crank Link Presses

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:SLD

Features of SLD Link Press
●Operates under high approach speed, low forming speed and high return speed.
●Reuces noise and vibration considerably during operation.
● Improves operation environment greatly.
●Realizes high precision, high rigidity and high throughput
●High rigidity frame structure eliminating the opening distortion, fully realizing the highly efficient blanking and
deepdrawing operation.
●Eight long right angled slide guide rails provide confidence on installing high accurate die. Ensuring high accuracy
manufacturing to be possible.
●Improved back side operability and die conformability of the press.
●Large side opening for simple installation to complete single and fully automated operation on coiled material.
●High quality machine accuracy improving machine endurance, providing lasting value. Totally matching the requirements of contemporary high accuracy manufacturing industry, an attractive and highly dfficient model.