Link Press

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:SC1

Features of SC1 Link Press
●Operates under high approach speed, low forming speed and high return speed.
●Reduces noise and vibration considerably during operation.
●Improve operation environment greatly.
●Realize high precision, high rigidity and high throughput production.

To accomplish the precision and quality of pieces, the conventional press resolved them through increasing the rigidity and improving the quality of die elements. But today, the press technology has achieved its high performance and maturity. For a better productivity and added value, and higher quality, the Link Press was developed.

The Link Press's entire reciprocal cycle has a high approaching velocity, low during engage, and withdraws fast, ie slow around the low dead point to reduce the impact of work pieces suffered during deformation. With fast approaching and withdrawal velocity, not only the production speed does not go down, but reduces the vibration and noise during blanking, thus prolongs the life of die and achieves smooth cut faces. It reduces the possibility of deterioration and inversion of die, which results in high processing speed.

Besides, with maximum of power stored in fly wheels, during drawing process, the process time is thus reduced, and this is applicable to the processing of various geometries.