An Innovative Model of press.

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  • Model:An Innovative Model of press Technology for the Ne

An innovative seamlessly meshes
link-motion and high speed action
High performance, high precision, high
rigidity with low vibration and low noise
are the common design ground rules of
high speed presses on the market.
These, naturally, are also the ultimate
objectives of our ENX series presses.
ENX doble points link press combines
the features of link-motion and the
essence of high speed press elegantly
together. It brings revolutionay
breakthrough in link press operation.
Unique link structure not only
completed advantage of link press but
also high production due to the high
speed operation.
Link-motion minimizes the noise and
vibration of the traditional high speed
press operation.
These not only guarantee the product
accuracy, extend the service life of dies,
and improve the surrounding noise in
the press shop.