1980 Found In Taichung city
1985 Move to Taichung Taiping County
1991 Develop the first set Link Presses
1994 Forging Technology Develop Award(Forging Association-Taiwan
1997 CE certification
2000 Develop the first set Hot Forging Press
2000 ISO 9001 Certification
2002 Develop & Research Award(Ministry of Economy)
2003 Develop first set of Fine Blanking Press
2003 Develop & Research Award(Ministry of Economy)
2004 Import professional Boring Machine from Europe
2005 Import professional Gear Grinding Machine from Europe
2009 Move to Douliu City, Yunlin County
2009 Employ Engineer consultant from Japan
2013 Launched SUD models which were also displayed at Taipei int’l trade shows the same year
2014 Imported Swiss MAAG heavy-duty CNC gear grinder (max. OD 5m); launched the first Taiwan-made 4,000-ton hot forging press